PSYCHOPOMP & PAGEANTRY…Dance. Ritual. Magic.

After a debut performance to sold-out houses at Rochester Fringe Festival, FuturPointe brings its critically acclaimed Psychopomp & Pageantry to world stages. It’s a multi-media work about life’s changes viewed through a shifting peephole that embraces the dreamlike landscape of confusion, connections, and conclusions.


What is a Psychopomp anyway? ...

They are guides of souls - creatures, spirits, angels or deities. Psychopomps guarantee successful transition of souls. There has been a reemergence of the concept of archetypes in the field of psychology and in the spread of Eastern religious teachings in the last century coupled with a renewed interest in Shamanism. This influenced the work because our experience has been that there are many paths and philosophies that depending on our geography or tradition are employed to guide us to our destiny. Globalism has shown us that there is a fluidity and interconnectedness of humanity that can't be divided by religious beliefs, race, and culture.


And what is the pageantry? ...

That pageantry is the elaborate display or ceremonies leading us to our destinies.

Psychopomp & Pageantry features original choreography by Dr. L’Antoinette Stines, N’Jelle Gage, Heather Roffe, and Guy Thorne. This dynamic production, presented in four acts, also incorporates creative contributions from visual artist Henrik Soderstrom and sleight of hand expert Nickle Van Wormer.  Alan Watts, George Carlin, and Rastafarian elder “Horse Mouth” Wallace make digital appearances as transitional escorts and mediators. All of the elements come together in a contemporary and universally appealing production of dance, video, text, set design, and visual and digital art that will psyche your mind.


”…exceptional, dance-centric performance art with a clearly articulated and delightfully delivered message.”


-We Dance,