FuturPointe Dance is a genre bending Rochester, New York based dance theater company, created in 2009 by founding artistic producers/choreographers, N'Jelle Gage and Guy Thorne.  


FuturPointe Dance is Contemporary.  Urban. Global.  Its dance vocabulary is Reggae Ballet™  - inspired by the rhythms, vibe, and swagger of Reggae music and Rastafarian culture and philosophy.  Its dancers are some of the most expressive and technically excellent dancers in the field.  FuturPointe is as committed to connecting to diverse communities in innovative and meaningful ways as it is to imaginative artistic collaborations, and production and movement invention.


FuturPointe Dance's work is characterized by a sensory, multi-genre

repertoire born of a sophisticated fusion of traditional and modern

Caribbean dance forms, ballet, and Latin vocabulary.  The company's

repertoire incorporates elements of media, fashion, and

provocative performance art to produce an unusual

and emotionally transporting dance experience.